Terrashock Gaming

What is TSG?

Terrashock Gaming is a competitive gaming organization that hosts various gaming events throughout Northern California and the Central Valley region. We aim to professionally provide memorable competitive gaming experiences that anyone can enjoy. Hosting various titles ranging from the Super Smash Bros. series, to Street Fighter V, and more, there is always something for everyone at our events!

Our Mission

At Terrashock Gaming, our mission is to re-innovate how gamers play with friends, family, and the ones closest to them. With nearly 80% of video games released nowadays having online multiplayer functionality, there isn't much of a reason to get together in person to play these games in the same room. Experiences and memories are no longer being made because of this. We see that as a valuable quality in video games, and strive to recreate the ability to allow others to have these experiences once again in a whole new way. Play and enjoy the same modern-day games you enjoy online, but with the comfort of others around you in a home-like environment, while still maintaining the competitive edge many players are looking for!