About AnotherOne


Joined TSG: May. 2016

Since the age of 4, Phil Lout (TSG | AnotherOne) has been playing competitive fighting games. Long before the FGC was established. On his free time, he spends it by playing the Pokemon TCG competitively in addition to the regular titles he plays, such as Smash Bros, Pokken, Tekken, and more. He finds his inspiration in playing competitively from Liquid’s Hungrybox and is his favorite eSports/Smash Bros pro player. With Terrashock Gaming, he strives to contribute in any way he can to help Terrashock reach its goals, and to become the best player… like no one ever was!


  • - AnotherOne has an addiction with Chipotle.
  • - Aside from video games, he also enjoys playing physical sports such as football, baseball, and basketball.
  • - His Pokkén main is Pikachu and his Smash Bros main has been Jigglypuff since the days of Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64.