About DTP


Joined TSG: Jan. 2017

After picking up Pokkén Tournament again to play competitively, DTP, the founder of DTP Studios has yet to abandon his love for the game. Once he found out there was a competitive scene provided by Terrashock Gaming, DTP began to practice Pokkén a lot more making him a formidable opponent. DTP has been going to Terrashock’s tournaments since the Summer of 2016 and has joined TSG in January 2017. He enjoys seeing the Pokkén community grow and likes to socialize with others when not playing. DTP is very positive towards the outcome of each game he plays and tries to get the most out of each match. With Terrashock Gaming, DTP will continue to strive to become the best Pokkén player out there! DTP is also an active streamer. Stop by the DTP Studios twitch channel for some Pokkén fun and support the stream if you can!


  • - Used to play a lot of Smash 4, then switched over to Pokkén.
  • - DTP comes from his initials, though its rumored to stand for "Death to Pros".
  • - Loves to try new food!