About Eliore


Joined TSG: May 2016

Elaine started her career in the competitive gaming scene in mid 2016. Her first ever video game tournaments were Fair Fights! (Modesto) and Pass the Salt! (Stockton). Her main is Gardevoir because she is her favorite Pokemon of all time (mainly because Gardevoir is beautiful and Psychic Type Pokemon are her favorite). She was initially inspired to play competitively because her brother (B.T.G) and her boyfriend (Geeslice) are also competitive players and wanted to be part of the fun. “Although winning feels great, I like the competitive scene mainly because I love the energy and fun that I find within the community.” She loves the Pokemon series, Soul Silver is her favorite of the franchise (aside from Pokken). In addition to being a great player, Elaine is also the Pokkén Tournament community leader for TSG. She enjoys making friends and meeting new players at events.


  • - Studying art in hopes of becoming a storyboard artist for a cartoon someday.
  • - Loves warm weather. Summer is her favorite season.
  • - Knows how to play the piano and guitar (super rusty though).
  • - Her brother (B.T.G) also plays Pokkén competitively.