About FlexRex


Joined TSG: Dec. 2016

At the age of 21, Emmanuel Lopez Martinez, formally known as FlexRex has been one of our most energetic people in the scene in smash tournaments and in live streaming. He loves to keep the tournaments hype and upbeat with the live music. FlexRex first started tournaments since 2014 in a local GameStop in Patterson, CA getting 4th place. Slowly building up his name with his cloud and Mario letting everyone know, "Never take the L hard. Use the L for Learning not Losing."


  • - He usually takes a scoop of pre workout before a tournament.
  • - Uses Smash and the gym as form of stress relief.
  • - Emmanuel got his name FlexRex by mixing 2 things he likes, gym and rhyming words like rap.
  • - His previous name was CloudN9ne. For being a cloud main and the N9ne to represent the rapper named "Tech N9ne" (He also has a Tech N9ne tattoo on his right arm).