About KFC


Joined TSG: Mar. 2016

Playing competitive Melee since 2005, KFC (Killa For Chicken) has been a strong Fox player for over 11 years, starting his career in Smash at Monterey Bay Thunder 7 in 2006. Ranked on the very first Norcal Melee Power Rankings that was ever made, and had progressively climbed his way up throughout the years, with his highest rank being at 7th out Top 20. After 2009, KFC had been inactive with the scene for nearly 4 years, but has made his official return into the scene with Terrashock Gaming, taking 1st place at Norcal Regionals 2016. KFC intends to strive for his goal of going undefeated at the tournaments he attends, and to play at the highest level of play he knows he is capable of.


  • - KFC’s original tag was ‘Killa for Cash’
  • - He was a part of the Stockton Smash crew, consisting of Dark Mike, Mexican, TC1, and Meep, whom had all met at a local Game Crazy back in 2005.