About SkinnyBoiDre


Joined TSG: Feb. 2016

Dating as far back as the Brawl days, SkinnyBoiDre (Andre Kumar) has always proven to be a strong player. His early entry in the Smash scene started consistently back in the summer of 2014 with one of the first Smash Bros. tournaments in the Central Valley region at a pizza parlor. Transitioning from Brawl to the newly released Smash Bros for Wii U, from Captain Falcon to Donkey Kong, to now his famous “shield breaking Yoshi”, SBD continues to exceed expectations to everyone in the Smash community at the tournaments he attends with his amount of skill and dedication towards becoming the absolute best player he can be.


  • - SkinnyBoiDre is part of the PH Crew (Pumpkin Hill) based out in Modesto, CA.
  • - Ranked numerous times in the Central Valley Power Rankings, and is now currently ranked #5.
  • - Loves watching all kinds of different anime. Some of his favorites being Erased, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Code Geass, and more.
  • - Has been ProbChild’s best friend since elementary school.