About TomSawyer


Joined TSG: Sep. 2016

Yo what's up everyone. It's the best player in the 209 right here: TSG | PH TomSawyer. My favorite character is Neko from the world ends with you. He'll be in smash! Just you wait! I was one of the first people in the 209 to be a great Smash 4 player and I don't intend to stop. Watch out world! These spikes are about to land on you!


  • - TomSawyer is the only solely dedicated commentator in the entire 209 region, with phenomenal quality!
  • - His brother plays Smash Bros as well. Goes by the tag Morton Van Buren.
  • - Claims his favorite fast food is Panda Express.
  • - Leader of the PH (Pumpkin Hill) Crew in the 209 region.
  • - Won in a best of 5 money match against TKBreezy at Evo 2016.