About Wobbie


Joined TSG: Feb. 2016

Making his debut in the summer of 2015 at a War Torn Front tournament in Manteca, Wobbie (Robert Andalon) is considered to be one of the strongest Smash Wii U players in his region, and is also considered one of the strongest Samus players in Norcal. His passion for the Smash Bros. series is strong, and is one of the reasons why he excels in tournament play. Known for his famous “Wobbie-Stuff”, playing against him will make any player scared of the Samus match up, and against any low-tier match up in general. Maybe Samus isn’t so low-tier after all?


  • - Wobbie is part of the ApS crew (Aesthetically Pleasing Smashers), based out in Stockton, CA.
  • - The Metroid™ series is his favorite video game series of all time , and is the reason why he plays Samus.
  • - Currently ranked #3 on the Central Valley Power Rankings.
  • - His tag ‘Wobbie’ was based on his favorite Pokemon “Wobbuffett”, and was morphed with his nickname “Robbie”.